Here’s all sorts of projects we’ve worked on. Any project seen here has been sold, but we would be happy to make something here for you!

This is the first Gameboy Color I ever refurbished, around August of 2018. For it being my first go-around, I think it looked pretty good!
I bought this Super Nintendo from a guy at an antique engine show, and it was in rough shape. After some deep cleaning and frustrations, it came alive and looked awesome! Project completed in October 2018.
A slightly unpopular mod, a GBA Frontlight. When I say this mod sucked, I mean it. From the UV adhesive taking over a month to cure to the wires being far too long to fit in the shell, this was not a fun mod to do. Overall though, the payoff was good, as you could actually play this GBA in the dark for the first time without some scary EXT port light! Finished in February 2020.
I bought a horribly abused Gameboy Color from Japan, and was met with just how gross this handheld was (there was a living spider in the crevice above the battery cover!) and just how much work it needed. I do believe the work paid off! Half translucent midnight blue, half clear, and backlighted. By far the best handheld I’ve ever built! Project completed in June of 2020.

Let’s Build Something, Together.